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248 | Magnet box A5 with Leporello Album / 14 photo prints of your Super 8 films

248 | Magnet box A5 with Leporello Album / 14 photo prints of your Super 8 films

SKU: 248

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Magnetic box with leporello: 14 photo prints from your Super 8- / Regular 8 mm films in leporello album + QR code

noble magnetic box with hot foil stamping in copper

From your 14 most beautiful frames from your films digitized by us, prints are made on silk matt photo paper and glued into a Leprello. The linen cover shows the title of your choice. This creates a very special work of art to touch, in addition to your digitized film. A QR code inside the magnetic box cover leads to the film. As a very personal gift for a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or as a surprise.

The Leporello is available in four different color variations.

We coordinate the selection of the photo prints with you: we send a pre-selection of suitable frames, you choose the 14 most beautiful ones.

Size of the leporello: 13 x 18 cm

Size of the photo prints: 10 x 15 cm


Contents of the gift set:

Magnetic box with copper foil embossing "Our Memories in Super 8".

Leporello with 14 photo prints of your films

wrapped with satin ribbon (color: copper or ivory)

Linen cover, printed with your title

QR code to your film(s) (max 3 films) inside the cover of the magnetic box

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    Color of the Leporello:
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